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SEAY In The Garden CD



    #3  Billboard new Age  Albums   (5  weeks)                                                                                         Top 3 zmr top 100 radio report

Vocal Album Of The year. - #3 Album of the year top 100 radio chart- Peace Song Awards- Record of the year- 3 hmmas 


"A Musical Wonder",

 Michael Debbage Mainly Piano

 "Spectacular, exquisite from start to finish. " 

 Reviews New Age 

"One of the most extraordinary voices returns, you spirit will soar with Seay"

RJ Lannan 

"Rare, special, brilliant album,  If ever an album deserved to be heard

by every member of the human race, this is it" 

One World Radio

"A deeply inspirational musical experience"

Music and Media Focus

 "An album you simply cannot ignore, A triumph" 

Keith Hannalick

Album Description - In  The Garden

In The Garden is the new album from vocalist and composer Seay. 

This beautiful luminous project is filled with lush orchestration, world rhythms and universal sentiments of connection featuring Seay's evocative voice and uplifting sound . A special project was born in celebration of the earth, the oceans and each of us as human beings. We hope you will listen to the exquisite artistry of Seay and In The Garden  featuring renowned instrumentalists: Hitoshi Yamaguchi, Grammy winning Wouter Kellerman, Stephen Peppos, Pat Thomi,  Grammy winning Ricky Kej, The Raevolution Orchestra, Vanil Vegas, Karthik K, Flutist, Butto, Jules Delgado, Jerry Watts, Geoff Koch. Scott W Hallgren, Jonathan Smith and Mixed in Los Angeles, California, Nashville, Tennessee and Bangalore India, by Grammy winning engineers Rob Beaton, Ricky Kej, Vanil Vegas, Bret Teegarden and Jeff Silverman. Mastering by Ricky Kej and Vanil Vegas, Raevolution Studios Bangalore, India. Additonal Mastering by Rob Beaton, Los Angeles, California. Released by Tuscan Sun Music. 

SEAY  In The Garden  New Age album
In the Garden
The Videos Of In The Garden - new age

 Album Art and Design  of In The Garden


Art Direction by Seay and Elizabeth Mancuso, Cover photography by Nora Canfield, Mis Dig Photography, Nashville, Tennessee. 

 CD Design and Layout by Elizabeth  Mancuso, Mancuso Creative, Nashville, Tennessee. Released by Tuscan Sun Music.

In The Garden CD Artwork
In The Garden  CD Panel
SEAY In The Garden CD Artwork
The Musicians!
In The Garden Credits
SEAY In The Garden CD Artwork
SEAY In The Garden CD Artwork
SEAY In The Garden CD Artwork
SEAY In The Garden CD Artwork
SEAY In The Garden CD Artwork
SEAY In The Garden CD Artwork
SEAY In The Garden CD Artwork
Jerry Watts Bassist
Jules Delgado

 Special Collaborations From - In The Garden


SEAY In The Garden Musicians
SEAY's Team
SEAY's Team
Jeff Silverman
SEAY's Team
SEAY's Team
SEAY's Team
SEAY at Alhambra
Geoff Koch
Ricky Kej
SEAY Studio shot
 Seay In The Garden (Music of life) New Age

celebrating life

the earth oceans and each of us 

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