Special Awards

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❂ 2020-63 Grammy awards-Best Arrangement instrument and vocals - "Heaven's Gate" - Ballot 

❂ 2020-Peace Song Awards-3nominations-new age, acapella ,sound healing, and winner  - 'heaven's gate'  

❂ 2020-COVR Music Awards - iconic Album silver medal  - Seay-In the Garden

❂ 2020-Akademia Awards-Artist of the year-nominee

❂ 2020-Akademia Awards-visionary artist-nomine

❂ 2019-62 Grammy Awards-Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album  - Seay A Winter Blessing The Gift - ballot

❂ 2019-Global Music Awards-Top 10 Album of 2019  Seay "A Winter Blessing The Gift"

❂ 2019-Hmma Hollywood Music and Media Awards Nominee-Best Holiday song-"Father Christmas eyes"

❂ 2019-Global Music Awards-Silver Medal-Best Seasonal album - Seay A Winter Blessing The Gift

❂ 2019-Global Music Awards-Silver Medal-Best female vocalist "Father Christmas Eyes"

❂ 2019-Akademia Awards - Best Ambient  New Age song -  "On This Starry Night"

❂ 2019-Akademia Awards - Best Music Video Winner -  "On This Starry Night"

❂ 2019-Akademia Awards -Artist Of The Year-Nominee

❂ 2019-One world Music - Album of the Year - Nominee - SEAY A Winter Blessing The Gift

❂ 2019-One World Music - Best Vocal Album  - Nominee - SEAY A Winter Blessing The Gift

❂ 2019-Mainlypiano.com - #5 Album of the Year - SEAY A Winter Blessing The Gift

❂ 2019-#1 New Age Music all Stars - New Age Music  Reviews BT Fasmer SEAY A Winter Blessing The Gift

❂ 2019-Clouzine International Music Awards - Best Music video Winner - "On This Starry Night"

❂ 2018-Round glass Music awards - Nominee - 'Beautiful Earth' - best ambient new age song

❂ 2017-ZMR Vocal Album of The Year - Top 100 Radio Awards -  SEAY In The Garden

❂ 2017-Global Peace Song Awards winner new age song - 'We Are One' 

❂ 2017-Global Peace Song Awards winner social media - 'We Are One'

❂ 2017-HMMA Hollywood Music and Media Awards Nominee  - ‘Heart’s Afire’  with Geoff Koch

❂ 2017-Akademia Awards Best Pop Song Winner ‘We Are One’ - In The Garden

❂ 2017-Akademia Awards Best Ambient Song Winner "Dream" - In The Garden

❂ 2017-Global Music Awards-Silver Medal 'We Are One' new age pop Song

❂ 2017-Global Music Awards-Silver Medal'We Are One' female vocalist

❂ 2017-59TH GRAMMY AWARDS - SEAY IN The Garden - Best New Age Album - ballot

❂ 2016-Billboard 5 Weeks  top 10 Chart - New Age Albums - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Billboard Chart #3 Peak - New Age Albums - In The Garden

❂ 2016-ZMR top 100 Radio Chart #3 Record of the year - In The Garden

❂ 2016-#1 Record of The Year - New Age Music All Stars New Age Music Reviews BT Fasmer - In The Garden

❂ 2016-MainlyPiano.com #2 Record of The Year  - In The Garden

❂ 2016-ZMR top 100 chart - #3top  5 for 2 months - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Global Music Awards- Silver Medal  New Age Album - SEAY In The Garden

❂ 2016-HMMA  Hollywood Music and Media Award  Nominee ‘We Are One’ Best Ambient New Age Song

❂ 2016-Top Pick Mainly Piano, Michael Debbage - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Top Pick Reviews New Age - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Top Pick ZMR top 100 Radio Chart RJ Lannan - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Top Pick Retailing Insight  Bill Binkleman - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Album of the Month Reviews New Age - Spain - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Special Feature Awareness Magazine - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Special Feature Spirit Seeker Magazine - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Special Feature Retailing Insight - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Special Feature New Age Music Guide -In The Garden

❂ 2016-Special Feature Clouzine Magazine - In The Garden

❂ 2016-Special Feature Creations Magazine - In The Garden

❂ 2015-HMMA Nominee advertising Proyog from the birthplace of Yoga Ricky Kej (guest artist)

❂ 2015-COP21 Global climate conference Launch Music  Shanti Samsara- Ricky Kej (guest artist)

❂ 2012-Project Peace On Earth theme song “All Around The World” Love All Simulcast Bethlehem 

❂ 2011-Project Peace On Earth performance “All Around The World” Free All Simulcast Bethlehem 

❂ 2010-Mainly Piano.com Top 30 Album of the Decade  2000-2010 - A Winter Blessing - Billboard

❂ 2010-Mainly Piano.com Top 30 Album of the Decade  2000-2010 - A Winter Blessing

❂ 2009-Mainly Piano.com #3 Album of The Year  - A Winter Blessing

❂ 2009-ZMR Top 100 Radio Chart - #4 - A Winter Blessing

❂ 2009-ZMR Nominee Best Seasonal Album  TOP 100 Radio Chart - A Winter Blessing

❂ 2008-ZMR Top 100 Radio Chart  -  #7 - A Winter Blessing - Songs For the season

❂ 2006-ZMR Top 100 Radio Chart  - #7 SEAY  1 Voice (Debut Album)

❂ 2006-ZMR top 100 Radio Chart #19 for the year  -1 Voice

❂ 2006-ZMR Top 100 Radio Chart- Top 10 Album of the Year

❂ 2006-XM HD Surround-Surround Sound Launch  - 1 Voice 5.1 DTS


Special Collaborations

❂ 2020-A Better Life (official Release) -  #7 #8 ZMR top 100 radio chart 2 months  

2002, al jewer Andy Mitran, Sherry Finzer, Joseph Akins (MMA-Nasco)

❂ 2020-A Better Life (digital Release) - 2002, al jewer Andy Mitran, Sherry Finzer, Joseph Akins (MMA-Nasco)

❂ 2020-the Sum of Us - Sharon Lia ( Erik Alexandrakis, Suzanne Grzanna, Manny Cabo) 

❂ 2019-Memory of a cosmic heart, James Raymond, Greg Spalenka, Suzanne teng,

Sangeeta Kaur, Fritz heede, Gilbert levy,

❂ 2018-through the vortex, the Sedona effect , Bruce Lev (guest "Here comes The Sun")

❂ 2018-Sounds from the Circle X - SEAY "Dream"

❂ 2017-Sounds from the Circle IX - Seay "In The Garden"

❂ 2017-Leaving Terra Firma - Stephen Peppos  (guest artist "Amor Dei" ) #4 ZMR Top 100 Radio chart

60th Grammy Awards, Best New Age Album, Qualifying Round 

❂2017-Particles in space-merrill collins ( Seay with Armand Hutton, Brian Scanlon,

laura Halliday Maksim Velchin)

❂2017-Earth Love - Ricky Kej: Divinity

❂2017-Epic Trailer Music - Ricky Kej : the Earth

❂2016-Shanti Samsara-Ricky Kej (guest Artist) (shanti, kudrat, love divine)

with Amitah Bachchan, Lindsay Wagner, Fancis Fisher, Patti Austin) 

#5 ZMR Top 100 Radio Chart

Cop 21 Global Climate Conference Launch Paris Dec 2016,

60th Grammy awards, Best World Album Qualifying Round

❂ 2016-Shanti Samsara-Ricky Kej (guest Artist): shanti

❂ 2016-Shanti Samsara-Ricky Kej (guest Artist): Kudrat

❂ 2016-Shanti Samsara-Ricky Kej (guest Artist): Love Divine  with Patti Austin

❂ 2016-2 Unite All (Vol 1 & 2) with Peter Gabriel, Stewart Copeland, Lili Hayden
❂ 2015-Breath Of Heaven-Stephen Peppos and Seay

❂ 2015-proyog from the birthplace of yoga - ricky kej (guest artist)

❂ 2014-Can You Hear Our Prayers ( guest artist and producer with Clay Walker)

❂ 2009-Sounds from the Circle I "Orion's Gate"

Special , press,  articles, interviews

Global Peace Song Awards - SEAY "Heaven's Gate

Artisan reviews  - "A Better Life"

Textura  - "A Better Life"

Blue ridge life magazine-SEAY "Music inspired by the Blue Ridge"

Blue ridge Life magazine-"Wintergreen Inspiration For Beautiful Earth Music From Seay"

mainlypiano.com  -  Interview

2indya.com - Interview

Seay in the Hollywood Music and media awards

Awareness magazine 

Spirit seeker magazine

Artisan with Rj Lannan - "the Blessing"

ZMR with RJ Lannan - "join Hands Join hearts"

Reviews New Age 


River Of Calm 






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