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Wouter Kellerman and David Arkenstone's stunning new album was nominated for a Grammy in BEST NEW AGE.   SEAY was honoured to be a guest artiste on this beautiful project - performing, producing and arranging vocals for the evocative


Pangaea - Grammy SM Post 9 - Seay.jpg

SEAY's's new single EP Dream ' released as a Dolby Atmos 3D Immersive mix and it's companion 3D Binaural Video in May 2021 and is available for on Itunes , Amazon, streaming on Spotify and can be downloaded from -  Written, arranged and produced by SEAY the song has been exquisitely mixed and mastered by  Jeff Silverman from Palette (MSP) and Virtual Studios Network (VSN) in Nasvhille. - (Artiste/Songwriter/Arranger/Producer) Both Song and video are recipients of several awards, Rome, Milan, Florence, London and the Hollywood Women's Film Institute.

 SEAY and her uplifting piece  "Heaven's Gate" are on "A Better Life" a very special album of Music artists released by the
Mindful Music Association distributed by Nasco distributed to wellness centers, schools globally. the album has been #1on Radio and  and Seay's  vocal chant piece has received  3 Peace Song Awards with 3 Nominations in Sound healing, Acapella Vocals,
and New Age. Such and honor and let peace love and light return to earth.  Congratulations to Seay.  Read the press release
a better life.jpg
Seay and A Winter Blessing "The Gift" 

Seay has released a special album of 14 songs for the season of fall, winter,  and the beauty and sacredness of the time of year, her beautiful global song "All Around The World has been apart of several world humanitarian events with a mission of spreading good will and peace to all people. This special album and winner of several awards is available as a CD worldwide and 2 special singles in High fidelity on Apple Digital Masters  mixed by 6 time winning Brian Vibberts and Mastered by Oscar /Grammy Winning PA Deepak. 

This special music is available worldwide  and is distributed by Silenzio, CPI and more. Peace on Earth!

Top #5 Album Of The year Mainly,  Top 10 album Global Music Awards, Clouzine International Awards, Akademia awards, HMMA Awards

 Global Peace Song Awards!
I attended the Global Peace Song Awards in Los Angeles, held at the First Congregational Church. I won 2 Awards for my song WE ARE ONE in New Age and voted The Most Popular Song. It was a beautiful evening and I am so incredibly honored to have the music I create promote world peace and to be among so many inspiring artists. Congratulations to the winners and thankyou to Karen Lore, Lindsay Wagner,  Peter Jospeh , John Quigley,  the Global Peace Song Awards, Empower Arts, Project Peace On Earth and to Steve Robertson for this beautiful event broadcast to 30 million people.  
SEAY and 'Beautiful Earth' nominated in the Roundglass Awards
SEAY attended the Roundglass Music Awards in New York during the 60th Grammys, where her song Beautiful Earth was nominated.
A heartfelt thanks for this incredible honor.
SEAY and 'We Are One' received 2 awards
in the global peace song awards 
 special thanks to the musical team of  rob beaton, geoff koch, jerry watts, jules delgado,
And to Steve Robertson and the global Peace Song Awards
Top 100 World Radio Chart
6 weeks  
the BillBoard New Age AlBums
peaking at #3
ZMR Top 100 Charts
Best New Age AlBum OF 2016
Thankyou to New age music guide
Wonderful Reviews of In The Garden
Michael Debbage - Mainly Piano. com - TOP PICK!

As beautiful as an English rose garden can be Seay’s latest recording pays tribute to all of earth’s gardens that are much more exotic and universal allowing her listeners the ability to travel courtesy of her latest gift of musical wonder!!!

Alejandro clavillo -Reviews New Age - TOP PICK-Album of the month!

No doubt we are facing one of the best albums of 2016. The first album we received from Nashville singer is simply spectacular, and recommended an exquisite work from start to finish. In The Garden has all the ingredients to be a success.

Bill Binkelman - Retailing Insight magazine


With how tumultuous and chaotic our world is becoming every day, Seay's new album, In The Garden has arrived none too soon. Possessed of one of the finest voices in music today (regardless of genre), Seay (who also plays piano and keyboards and did the sound design for the album) weds her magnificent voice to an assortment of life-affirming lyrics and dramatic, soulful melodies which will whisk listeners away from their trials and travails and deposit them in a land of beauty, light and love. In The Garden has a "big" sound with amazing production values and superb contributions from a lot of guest artists, so this is one album to play LOUD!


Steve Sheppard - One World Music Radio 

A rare, special and quite brilliant album

If ever an album deserved to be heard by every single member of the human race, this is it, Seay’s charm and vocal expertise and her passion for world peace is just what this planet needs right now and In The Garden is the vehicle with which to drive it home.

Michael Diamond - Music and Media Focus 



"In The Garden by composer, vocalist, and instrumentalist Seay, is one of the most uplifting, richly orchestrated, and lavishly produced recordings I’ve heard in some time, on a level with the work of renowned artists like David Arkenstone or Enya. In fact, while some of Seay’s vocals and arrangements may evoke favorable comparisons with Enya, she indeed has her own unique style that integrates a much wider range of world music influences. With themes that include love and respect for the earth, the oneness of all life, and more, In The Garden is an exquisitely detailed and deeply inspirational musical experience."


R J Lannan - Zone Music Reporter - The Sounding Board



'Join Hands Join Hearts'

"New Age vocalist extraordinaire Seay releases her newest endeavor, In The Garden. There is more music, more vocalese and more passion offered in these twelve tracks of New Age/World music than I have heard in a while. Seay is one of the most unique and empathic voices on the planet and when you hear her, you can feel that her music and her message goes down deep into the pores of your heart and your spirit and fills all the recesses with love and fulfillment. It’s what she does."  Excellent


Candice Michelle - Journeyscapes Radio




“In the Garden” is the fourth release from Seay (pronounced ‘say’) – a highly gifted musician, composer and singer who plays piano and keyboard, as well as provides all vocals on this album. Featuring an amazingly talented team of musicians lending additional acoustic, electronic and indigenous world instruments throughout – including guitar, bass, flute, cello, percussion, sitar, santoor, digeridoo and string arrangements. Beautifully packaged with detailed, vivid artwork and photography, “In the Garden” immediately whisks the listener away on a trans-global adventure of natural wonderment.Sure to have far-reaching appeal among a diverse listening audience, “In the Garden” is one of the most delightful vocal-centric albums I’ve heard in years.  An extraordinary amount of detail and effort was put into this recording, with every twist and turn taking the listener around the globe, as if viewing scenic places on earth from above. Combining the finest elements of new age pop, world-instrumental and neoclassical music, “In the Garden” isa top-tier musical production and prepossessing work of art! 


Keith Hannaleck  - New Age Music Reviews



"In The Garden is a triumph for the artist and being alive on this great planet. The message is clear, concise, and delivered with so much elegance and distinction that you simply cannot ignore it. 5/5 Stars"

Album Spotlight - Soundwaves Review

"In need of a spiritual retreat? Seay’s new album ‘In The Garden’

might just provide that calming atmosphere you’re looking for."

Renee Blanche - Nighttides, KCUR


"A beautiful and powerful body of work. I am going to air every track"


"In the Garden is a breath of fresh air, just when the world needs it most! I initiately found myself resisting the unbridled optimism and positivity of this album and Seay’s messages of love and unity, but then it knocked me upside the head just how much we need these messages and reminders of how beautiful the world is and how we are all cut from the same cloth. This unifying force and caring for everything that exists in the world and even the universe are really the only things that can save our civilization and bring humanity together to make this a better, safer, and more loving place to be for generations to come. Thank you, Seay, for doing much to restore feelings of hope and the reminder to appreciate what we have!"


"In The Garden by composer, vocalist, and instrumentalist Seay, is one of the most uplifting, richly orchestrated, and lavishly produced recordings I’ve heard in some time (read the full review)


SEAY is a composer, and vocalist out of Nashville. She creates new age, world pop music that is meant to inspire you. Her music is extremely uplifting and positive,nvoking feelings of unity and love for our beautiful planet. The latest release by SEAY is the new 12 song album entitled ‘In The Garden’, which is currently at #4 on the ZMR Top 100 radio chart. The project celebrates the earth, oceans and our collective human race with a larger than life orchestra of sound. The team built to create this new release is incredible, including Grammy winning engineers, a huge team of instrumentalists and of course SEAY’s exquisite vocals, instrumentals and composing. Listen to a preview of ‘In The Garden’ below and be sure to grab it from iTunes.


"A hallmark of great art is that it makes you see the world with new eyes. Seay’s “In the Garden” is such an album. There’s so much beauty everywhere, and Seay makes us appreciate it all – from the deepest oceans, via the human spirit and into space. In a world where there’s so much focus on negativity, we all need to take a walk in Seay’s garden. It is a feel-good album in every sense of the word."





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