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 SEAY and her uplifting piece  "Heaven's Gate" are on "A Better Life" a very special album of Music artists released by the
Mindful Music Association distributed by Nasco distributed to wellness centers, schools globally. the album has been #1on Radio and  and Seay's  vocal chant piece has received  3 Peace Song Awards with 3 Nominations in Sound healing, Acapella Vocals,
and New Age. Such and honor and let peace love and light return to earth.  Congratulations to Seay.  Read the press release
Seay and A Winter Blessing "The Gift" 

Seay has released a special album of 14 songs for the season of fall, winter,  and the beauty and sacredness of the time of year, her beautiful global song "All Around The World has been apart of several world humanitarian events with a mission of spreading good will and peace to all people. This special album and winner of several awards is available as a CD worldwide and 2 special singles in High fidelity on Apple Digital Masters  mixed by 6 time winning Brian Vibberts and Mastered by Oscar /Grammy Winning PA Deepak. 

This special music is available worldwide  and is distributed by Silenzio, CPI and more. Peace on Earth!

Top #5 Album Of The year Mainly,  Top 10 album Global Music Awards, Clouzine International Awards, Akademia awards, HMMA Awards

 Global Peace Song Awards!
I attended the Global Peace Song Awards in Los Angeles, held at the First Congregational Church. I won 2 Awards for my song WE ARE ONE in New Age and voted The Most Popular Song. It was a beautiful evening and I am so incredibly honored to have the music I create promote world peace and to be among so many inspiring artists. Congratulations to the winners and thankyou to Karen Lore, Lindsay Wagner,  Peter Jospeh , John Quigley,  the Global Peace Song Awards, Empower Arts, Project Peace On Earth and to Steve Robertson for this beautiful event broadcast to 30 million people.  
SEAY and 'Beautiful Earth' nominated in the Roundglass Awards
SEAY attended the Roundglass Music Awards in New York during the 60th Grammys, where her song Beautiful Earth was nominated.
A heartfelt thanks for this incredible honor.