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A Winter Blessing The Gift (Album)

A Winter Blessing The Gift (Album)

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Product Description

SEAY A Winter Blessing - The Gift


1. Carol Of The Bells - 3:41

2. All Around The World - 3:46

3. On This Starry Night - 3:07

4. Father Christmas Eyes - 4:42

5. Snowfall - 3:55

6. A Christmas Heart - 4:47

7. Winter’s Light - 5:08

8. Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song) - 6:12

9. In The Bleak Midwinter - 3:11

10.Whispering Pines - 3:08

11. All Around The World Christmas - 3:55

12. Winter - 3:22 Special Bonus pieces

13. And The Angels Came (Breath Of Heaven Vocalese Version) 6:12

14. On This Starry Night (instrumental version) - 3:07

SEAY "A Winter Blessing - The Gift"

This special recording celebrates the sacredness of the time of year for people all over the world and the beauty of the season: A time of love compassion and worship. A collection of sacred songs and music for winter and Christmas features Seay’s album "A Winter Blessing" along with 6 new bonus pieces. Special guest performances from Seay’s ensemble of grammy winning musicians: Pat Thomi, Jerry Watts Jr., Geoff Koch, Stephen Peppos, Geoff Stradling, Scott W. Hallgren, John Billings, Jules Delgado.

Mixed by 6 time Grammy winning engineer Brian Vibberts, veteran engineer Jeff Silverman and mastered by Oscar winning PA Deepak, Grammy winning Ricky Kej and Vanil Vegas at Raevolution Studios, Bangalore India. The song "All Around The World" was the theme of Project Peace on Earth’s Love All, live from Bethlehem and the opening ceremonies of World Peace Day.

May this music light the world in Peace and good will for all people everywhere. God's highest blessings to you always, Merry Christmas Joyeux Noel, SEAY



“Father Christmas Eyes”, “On This Starry Night” Mixed By Brian Vibberts, Vibberts Mixing, Los Angeles, California

“Breath Of Heaven” Mixed By Stephen Peppos, Virginia Beach, Virginia


“Carol of The Bells”, “All Around The World,” “Snowfall”, “Winters Light”, “Whispering Pines”,“In The Bleak MidWinter”, “Winter” Mixed by Jeff Silverman, Palette Music, Mount Juliet, Tennessee


Vanil Vegas, Ricky Kej, Raevolution Studios


Songs And Music

“All Around The World”, “On This Starry Night”, “Winterlight”, “Whispering Pines”, “All Around The World Christmas”, “Winter” Written by Seay, Tuscan Sun Music sesac

“Father Christmas Eyes” Don Black, Julia Downes, Johnny Warman, Warner Chappell Music

“Breath Of Heaven”(Mary's Song) Amy Lee Grant and Chris Eaton - BMG Rights Management

“Snowfall” Scott W. Hallgren and Seay - Scootman Music sesac - Tuscan Sun Music sesac

“A Christmas Heart” Seay and Jules Delgado Tuscan Sun Music sesac

“Carol Of The Bells” Mykola Leontovitch, Peter J. Wilhowsky, Based on The Ukranian Folk Chant, “Schedryk” 1919

“In The Bleak MidWinter” Gustav Holst, Christina Rosetti, Based on The Poem “A Christmas Carol” 1872 Music 1906



Vocals: Seay Pianos, Programming, Sound Design, Instrumentation: Seay

Guitars: Pat Thomi

Basses: Jerry Watts Jr. John Billings

"A Christmas Heart": Arranged: Geoff Stradling, Encino California

“Carol Of The Bells" Arranged: Scott Hallgren, Jeff Silverman, Seay

"Snowfall": Arranged By Scott W. Hallgren, Nashville, Tennessee

Additional Percussion and Sound Design: Jeff Silverman

"All Around The World" seasonal greeting voices: Mouchette Van Helsdingen, Alex Galilak, Eduard Glumov,Tatayana Glumov, Ira Arutiunyan, Arkady Arutiunyan, Marat Aitmov, Bill Harshaw, Carolyn Harshaw, Chip, Daniel, Roman, Grace Harshaw Cate McNider, Jules Delgado, Alan Laycock,  Seay.

“On This Starry Night” (Journey of the Magi) Vocals, produced and arranged, Engineered : Seay, Piano, bows, Synths, Dulcimer, Seay

“Father Christmas Eyes”, Arranged By Geoff Koch, Koch Productions, Nashville, Tennessee

Vocals, Produced Engineered Arranged: Seay,

Mixing : Brian Vibberts, Vibberts Mixing, Los Angeles California

“Breath of Heaven” Produced and Mixed By Stephen Peppos, Virginia Beach, Virgina Vocals,  


Artwork Photography and Cover Image and Design: 

Nora Canfield, MsDig Photography,, Hendersonville, Tennessee

Graphic Design:

Elizabeth Mancuso, Mancuso Creative, Franklin, Tennessee Creative Concept and Art Direction,


All Rights Reserved: 

SEAY Tuscan Sun Music Label Tuscan Sun Music sesac

throughout the universe - -


 Noël Peace on Earth Merry Christmas Noël Frohliche Weihnachten God Jul 聖誕快樂 メリークリスマス Feliz Navidad Buon Natale Joyeux Noël Vrolijk kerstfeest Giáng Sinh vui vẻ Veselé Vánoce Feliz Natal 성탄을 축하드려요 Wesołych Świąt С рождеством! Hyvää joulua God Jul 聖誕快樂 メリークリスマス Feliz Navidad Buon Natale Joyeux Noël Vrolijk kerstfeest Giáng Sinh vui vẻ Veselé Vánoce Feliz Natal 성탄을 축하드려요 Wesołych Świąt С рождеством! Hyvää joulua

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